Top new and beautiful destinations for tourists "virtual living" in Dalat

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Dalat also has many places to live virtual and never show signs of exhaustion, when this destination is not over "hot" then another "hot" place has appeared, making many believers fall in love

1. Strawberry Valley with magic cloudy terrain

You love the pretty little strawberry fields, love the cloudy moments when the city is still foggy, the Strawberry Valley is definitely the destination you absolutely cannot ignore. Combo "berry strawberry garden" + "Cloud hunting view" will surely make a lot of hearts love Dalat.

Although only recently, Valley Strawberry has made many young people excited about the beautiful scenery of cloud hunting. It is possible that the scenery will be less majestic and wild than the "other things" compared to other destinations, but you can be assured of the poetic and romantic tenderness when the morning has just opened, the fog cleared and the clouds are still ignorant! The scene makes you feel like you just lost your foot in the fairy world, with clouds floating, light and soft cotton under your feet, with little red spots hidden in the misty mist and incense Strawberry spreads throughout space.

Having just been "hunted for clouds" and just "enjoying the strawberry", it is a success sometimes?

2. Bow on the cloud

After "Stairway to Heaven" and "Mid-air Chair", Dalat officially has another "cool" check-in point that is the same as "Palace on the Cloud". This palace is now available and owned by Valley of light coffee - a destination that is receiving a lot of visitors' interest when visiting Dalat. If "Stairway to Heaven" is a plain white staircase, here "The Palace on the Cloud" is more creative with the steps designed as the winding keys, going towards the deep blue sky. 

Just take a hard look at the angle of shooting, make sure you give yourself the moment of "magic", with steps such as adding wings of music, walking between the vast space of heaven and earth.

3. Tay Nguyen Biological Sub-Institute

If you say moments in the Strawberry Valley, the Palace in the clouds gives you a feeling of a dreamy, elegant and gentle Dalat, the scenery where the Tay Nguyen Biological Institute will give you the look at a different, mysterious, magical Dalat and something wilder. Present since the 50s of the last century, Tay Nguyen Biological Sub-Institute was built by the French with the main material being stone, 5 stories high with more than 120 different rooms. Built in the classical French architecture, Tay Nguyen Biological Institute impresses with beautiful and unique windows.

Over the past few months, now, the old architecture in addition to the ancient beauty of the past also gives me the quiet beauty that time left. Coordinate the scene and Choose the shooting angle, which are two factors that will bring you extremely "fantasy" photos on an irreplaceable scene.

4. The old mansion is forgotten

"The forgotten ancient mansion" mentioned here is the chief provincial palace - one of the most beautiful architectural works in Dalat built in 1910. It used to be a place to live and work of mayor Dalat and chief of Tuyen Duc province. The mansion that seemed to be buried for years had suddenly been discovered and became the "hot check-in" point in recent times.

Around the campus is a space filled with the green of the long-forgotten garden, is a painted bicycle frame, double three antique cars and swings. Although somewhat mysterious, wild and subtle surely this place will make you satisfied with the photos like "old movies".

This mansion is currently located on Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 1, Dalat City. From the city center, you just need to move to the end of Ly Tu Trong street, notice the "Cultural center table" on a gate. Behind the gate will be the path leading to the old Mansion.

5. Dalat University

This is a destination that is familiar but strange and familiar with the city of thousands of flowers. Dalat University has been on this dreamland for a long time, but only recently, this school has become a famous check-in destination with poetic scenery and architecture Korean films. From the entrance of the school, you can give yourself plenty of beautiful moments with the winding plastic road, the green color of a tree, the leaves, and even more beautiful in the flower seasons.

The architecture of the school can satisfy any believer who loves photography with beautiful scenery, just stand there is the "sadness" moments. From the library with a unique layout to the physical science building with a Japanese bridge as a highlight, from the volleyball court, the image is "magical" like Korea until the new building. All of them make people who come to visit do not want to leave.


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