The persimmon in DaLat

09/10/2019 783 0
The persimmon season, coming to DaLat city, walk around the market, the feeling of the cold wind will hover on the shoulders, the aftertaste of the sweet and cold rain last night seemed to remain a bit. Sipping crunchy the persimmon pieces, everything seemed to vanish, leaving only the sweetness of Dalat.

Blessed with a wonderful climate, Da Lat also has unique and attractive products not easily available. No need for fussy care, irrigation, no fuss about good and bad soil, no rain and wind management, ... The persimmons grow, grow up fruit like a natural on mountain town land

Maybe going to the city of flowers, visitors prefer to rent a motorbike and then cross the long road, enjoying the cold and fresh air here. And it is great if you stop at the persimmon, amid the green of the leaves,... the persimmon brighted the space.

The persimmon season starts from mid-September and until the season of winter winds in late November and early December, leaving only red persimmon on the branches. This is the most beautiful season of Dalat persimmon gardens. In the ripe Dalat spring, you can go to the persimmon gardens near the Bao Dai Palace III area located on Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City. or drive about 5 km to the Southeast to Mimosa Pass to take souvenir photos on the garden of rich persimmon, enjoy on the spot and buy as gifts for relatives.


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