The miniature Golden Bridge and a series of new virtual coordinates in Da Lat in 2020

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In addition to the places that `` storm '' young people in 2019 such as Infinity Lake, Bali sky gate, Happy Hill ... recently, Da Lat has appeared many new and unique check-in points.

Opened on the occasion of Chinese New Year, Bac Thang Len asks Mr. Troi to be one of the most attractive places for young people to check-in today. With the accent of the hand supporting the bridge, this place is considered a miniature version of the Golden Bridge in Da Nang. There are many virtual living corners with bright colors like the overhead door, the stairs to heaven ... Photo: Bac Thang To Ask God.

Nestled in a pine forest with a natural blue lake, Lac Tien Gioi attracts tourists from the first days of the new year. The highlight of the resort is the colorful balloons in the middle of the lake, making the natural picture alive and new. Not only investing in underwater landscape, small terraces are designed sophisticatedly, giving visitors many "virtual living" corners. Photo: 1998_tien, nanguyen199916.

Kombi Land, a land of cacti inspired by the desert, is also a new café for young people. The main orange tone plus the cactus arrangement are exquisite with many different sizes to help recreate the truest desert space. There are many contexts to help you create beautiful photos such as the bright yellow bus, cactus walls, desert space ... Photo: Clou_d___, _kim.kimi.

Vo Anh Hill is the first hill in Dalat in particular and Vietnam in general. There are mirrors that mirror each other like a kaleidoscope, contributing to shimmering and magical images. Besides, the heart lake area, the sauna will also help you get "virtual tossing pan" photos. Photo: Doivoanh.dalat.

Kimi Farm White Cabbage Flower Garden: With an area of ​​more than 20,000 m2, this is one of the places that fascinated young people recently in Da Lat. The blooming white mustard flowers is a clear virtual living background for visitors to come here to take photos. Besides, Kimi Farm also has an orange garden, a bell pepper cage, a flower garden with butterfly wings and a fish pond for you to experience the life of a true farmer. Photo: Nguyen Phuc Thuyen.

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