Spring Northwest colors on Dalat flower street

12/12/2019 757 0
Referring to the Northwest Northwest spring, people often think of Bauhinia Variegata flower - a flower of the mountains with pristine beauty, a symbol of love of Thai ethnic people.

Dalat these days dyed Bauhinia Variegata flowers, making the streets bring a very different beauty. Going in the flower season, travelers will have the feeling of "Northwest Spring" in the Central Highlands, seeing "the winter that Spring has arrived".

The pure white petals against the clear blue sky of Da Lat winter

The white flowers turn gradually to pale pink before dying

Bauhinia Variegata flowers cling to visitors' footsteps when coming to Dalat flower city. Photo: Chinh Thanh

Bauhinia Variegata tree on the Cock Church. Photo: Chinh Thanh

Source: baolamdong.vn

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