Refreshing the 'painting path' to the Flower Festival

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On 8/12, artist Vi Quoc Hiep said: In recent days, the author group "painting path" on Le Dai Hanh Street (Ward 1, Da Lat City) is urgently refreshing this project to prepare. to welcome the Eighth Dalat Flower Festival in 2019, which takes place at the end of December.

The artists are refreshing the "painting path" to prepare for the Flower Festival

"Painting Path" was created by artist Vi Quoc Hiep and artist Nguyen Van Lai in 2015, on the occasion of the 6th Dalat Flower Festival. In general, "the way of painting" is typical, unique and distinctive architectural works of Da Lat City, which are expressed through the drawings of artists. Those are famous architectures built during the French colonial period such as Map Department Building, Dalat Pedagogy College, Dalat Railway Station, Palace III .... In addition, 10 paintings are the window is full of flowers and more than 40 m of "forest street" picturesque old villas nestled in pine forests are reproduced in the picturesque street space.

"Painting path" has been warmly welcomed by visitors in recent years

"Painting path" has been warmly welcomed by visitors in recent years

Artist Vi Quoc Hiep said that a new "painting path" will be completed on December 12th, 2019.


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