New look for the flower street in Dalat before the festival

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Many roads are repaired, new plastic carpets, additional lighting systems and garbage collection; Plant more flowers in the streets... Dalat will have a new look in this year's festival season.

Construction and repair of a fountain in front of Dalat Market. Photo: V. Trong

129 billion for repairing the roads

According to the People's Committee of Da Lat City, a total of 26 urban infrastructure works were constructed in 2019, with a total approved budget of over VND 129 billion. By the beginning of this December, there were 14 completed works out of the 26 works above.

These 14 constructions include constructing a drainage ditch for Cao Thang and Tran Quang Dieu streets; maintain and repair 6 roads including Pham Hong Thai, Ngo Thi Nham, Dong Tam, Yagout, Thai Phien, Tuong Pho and Tran Khanh Du. To upgrade Co Bac, Co Giang and Dang Thai Than roads; upgrade Yersin Park lighting; painted pavement for parking on the central roads with 19 roads for a total area of ​​over 5 thousand m2.

Da Lat is currently maintaining the roads of Ho Xuan Huong, Quang Trung - Nguyen Trai, Dinh Tien Hoang and Nguyen Chi Thanh; these roads will be re-paved, repair drainage, pave the pavement. At the same time, Tran Nhat Duat street was also rebuilt with drainage system and plastic carpets.

Particularly, the fountain building in front of Da Lat Market was bundled with stone pavement, poured concrete, paved again to promptly install the flower items to celebrate the Flower Festival. Also in these items, the city will check the public lighting system on the roads, replace the old, broken bulbs, and check and repair the decorative lighting system along the streets.

Along with that, Da Lat also restored a series of roads with broken pavement, painted lines at 41 roads with faded painted lines, and installed 50 new traffic signs on the roads.

According to Ms. Tran Thi Vu Loan, Vice Chairman of Da Lat City People's Committee, the city is asking construction units to speed up the progress.

Dalat urban construction workers replace flower pots at Ho Tung Mau - Tran Quoc Toan. Photo: Chinh Thanh

It is expected that a large number of tourists will flock to Dalat, especially the central area when the Flower Festival takes place, so the city on this occasion requested functional agencies to enhance the work of ensuring environmental sanitation.

Specifically, the city requested Da Lat Urban Services Joint Stock Company to organize overtime to collect rubbish at the venue of the festival, not to leave the garbage left before 6 am the next morning. 

Functional departments are also required to arrange toilets at the Tran Quoc Toan Park parking lot on Xuan Huong Lake, to cater to the silk fashion show and to some required locations. The city also directed placing 250 rubbish bins around Xuan Huong Lake and downtown area.

The Da Lat City People's Committee also requested that during the festival and at the end of this year, the waste collection unit increased the frequency of collection in some suburban roads and gateway to the city from 2-3 times/week to 4-6 times/week. 

At the same time, install signs to ban littering along with the sanctioning level as prescribed, add rubbish bins to locations at the request of people in residential areas. 

In order to head to the Flower Festival, Da Lat also directs the People's Committees of wards and communes to mobilize residential areas to organize a "Green Sunday" troop, to collect garbage and household waste, to clean the city before the opening time of the Flower Festival. 

Plant more flowers on the roads

Many Dalat roads on this occasion were planted with more flowers. 

Da Lat Urban Services Joint Stock Company planted additional 7,000 rose trees in the median strips, pruned existing flowers. 

On this occasion, Da Lat Urban Services Joint Stock Company also gave 74 thousand bags and 17 thousand short-day flower pots of all kinds to decorate the street, adding flowers to flower parks, replacing flowers on towers. There will be 300 large flower pots on display along the central streets on this occasion. Along with that, the city also provides 40 thousand bags and flower pots of all kinds for wards and communes for people to take care of and beautify the roads in the residential areas.

Ensure traffic safety

According to the People's Committee of Da Lat City, the city's functional departments have regularly organized inspection and handling to ensure the safety of traffic works, infrastructure techniques, environmental sanitation; resolutely handle cases of gathering construction materials and materials encroaching on pavements and roadbeds in order to ensure traffic order and safety. 

Since the beginning of the year until now, Dalat has deployed 5 waves of urban embellishment, focusing on dealing with spontaneous markets, trading and encroaching on pavements and roadside in urban areas.

The city has handled 2,190 cases, including 467 cases of makeshift tents, umbrellas, movable roofs, fences, semi-permanent houses; 432 cases of placing advertising boards in contravention of regulations and 1,291 cases of displaying goods occupying the sidewalk.


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