The unprecedented series of photos has been published about the 1960s Dalat market

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Dalat Market was inaugurated in 1960, being one of the first markets in Vietnam. Since that time until now, the market has been considered "the heart of Dalat city"

Dalat Market in the photo of Life magazine in 1961, the time the new market was built. The market was started construction on a swampy land, designed by architect Nguyen Duy Duc, and Nguyen Linh Chieu was constructed in 1960.

Dalat market in a postcard colored in 1962. After the market was built, architect Ngo Viet Thu participated in adjusting the market in the items of facade, concrete floating bridge, the park in front of the market, and Streets around the market.

The front of Dalat market in 1969. The precursor of Dalat market was a tree market built and roofed with a temple called "Cay Market" which was erected in 1929 at April's position 3 Cinema in Hoa Binh area the current.

The road in front of Dalat market in 1967 is now Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. With 3 floors, Dalat market is one of the firsts high-rise markets in Vietnam.

A rare photo of Dalat market at night, 1960s. Since its inauguration until now, the market has been considered "the heart of Dalat city".

Inside Dalat market in 1961

Side of Dalat market, in 1965-1966

Concrete bridge connecting Hoa Binh cinema with Dalat market, in 1965-1966

Dalat market in a postcard in the 1960s

Flower shop in Dalat market, in 1969

Dalat market in 1970


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