Thousands of people attended Hung Kings' Temple Festival at the Prenn Dalat waterfall

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Rituals of the death anniversary took place in the solemn atmosphere of traditional rituals, the festival was jubilantly, bustling with folk games, culinary bazaars, and tram decoration contests...

A large number of locals and tourists offer incense

On April 14th, thousands of students and pilgrimage groups, tourists inside and outside Lam Dong province attended the Hung Vuong death anniversary festival organized by Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee at Au Lac Temple on the top of the mountain Phuong Hoang belongs to Prenn Falls tourist area.

Hung Kings' Commemoration Day takes place in a solemn atmosphere according to traditional rituals. Thousands of children far from the Land of thousands of kilometers offered to incense to the altar of the National Assembly, expressing gratitude to the Hung kings who built the country and generations of his father who bravely kept the country.

The festival was jubilantly, bustling with folk games bearing the traditional cultural identity such as fat climbing competition, Chinese chess, dancing, and singing amateurs…

Examination of fat columns

The culinary market with many delicious and beautiful traditional dishes is welcomed by many tourists, from traditional cakes such as rice cake... to bold dishes. Highland region identity as lam rice, barbecue, ant salt, roasted rattan buds.

Bamboo dancing


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