Handle everyone's reflection with the online application

30/07/2019 2045 1
People can reflect on the orderly situation in Da Lat city in the fastest way through the application of information connection between people and authorities of Da Lat,Lam Dong cities

From today, people and businesses in Da Lat city can use online public administration services on mobile applications, including: Reflecting issues related to urban order and security Marketing. Get online transaction numbers; look up the status of online file resolution; online application online; look up planning, construction information and administrative procedures; Evaluating people's satisfaction and necessary information in the area, contributing ideas to build government at all levels

From the dissemination meeting, installing and guiding the use of online Da Lat Application in implementing the recommendations and reflections of the people in the areas of construction order, urban order and environmental sanitation , receiving and resolving administrative procedures of Da Lat City People's Committee on July 29, 2019, with the hope that people will improve the efficiency of state management in urban matters, Application has met

  • To get the order number, people can stay at home or anywhere, visit the "Da Lat online" application to register the order number, schedule an administrative transaction. When going to the counter at the counter, just give the phone to provide the order number.

  • In addition, the system has integrated the ecosystem of applications that the city has deployed such as: urban planning portal, electronic information book, smart tourism application, administrative agency map, job information.

  • The factor contributing to the close connection between people and government is the system of reflection from the people:

          People can reflect the fastest information to authorities by the image of the scene when they encounter problems: traffic congestion, traffic accidents, security and order, roadside, sidewalks summer, environmental sanitation, market prices, ...; Thereby, thanks to the active support of the people, competent agencies can handle and remedy the situation in a timely manner, prevent consequences and quickly resolve the reflections to promote the role of the supervisor. close. supervising people in urban management, administrative reform, improving management efficiency

People can install the application in the following ways:

         Method 1: Scan the QR code to install.                         https://b.f4.photo.talk.zdn.vn/6624056004423564366/c7e553f1b061543f0d70.jpg

         Method 2: Access CH Play search or AppStore with the keyword "Da Lat online".

         Method 3: Access directly via https://tructuyen.dalat.vn/


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