Spring travel to 7 outstanding tourist destinations of Da Lat

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Da Lat has never been "hot" on the Vietnam tourist map. The destination of Da Lat is also interesting, the beauty of Da Lat is also easy to make visitors fall in love.

Clay tunnel

The clay tunnel tourism area was dubbed a "miniature Da Lat". Here, visitors have the opportunity to see the miniature version of the landscapes in this land of thousands of flowers, from Con Ga church, Da Lat Station to interesting landscapes such as the model of the Central Highlands houses.

In addition, you will admire the talent of artisans, witness the meticulous, sophisticated sculptures of each clay sculpture. Currently, the tunnel has many tours in Da Lat on the day of exploitation and put into the tour program.

Cau Dat Tea Hill

Cau Dat tea hill is no longer a strange destination for many tourists. This is one of the favorite places and is present in many Da Lat tours during the day.

The tea hill asked for land with a vast and green tea field.

The green beauty of tea ranges runs long, blending with the colors of the sky and clouds creating a calm and relaxed space. The clean atmosphere here also makes many tourists enjoy after the busy days in the town.

Ancient train tunnel

The ancient train tunnel is a newly discovered destination recently and attracts many young travelers. With the ghostly beauty that carries a bit of nostalgia, the pictures recorded here are no different from the dreamy scenery in the morning.

Da Lat Railway Station

Da Lat Station is the oldest station in Indochina, welcoming many visitors every day. This is also one of the certain points to come if visitors only have one day in Da Lat. With its unique architecture, harmoniously combining Western classical style with inspiration from Langbiang Peak and Tay Nguyen communal house, Dalat station is one of the beautiful works of the plateau.

Da Lat station is the oldest station in Indochina, a favorite destination for many tourists.

Hydrangea fields

You will be inadequate if you come to Da Lat and have not yet visited the hydrangea field. Here, visitors will admire a large space filled with gentle blue or white flowers. The beautiful beauty of hydrangea flowers also gives you a feeling of pleasure. This is also one of the points always present in the Da Lat tour program one day.

Da Lat has many gardens, beautiful flower fields.

Palace 1

Palace 1 Da Lat is the resting place of the last king in the Vietnamese feudal dynasty. The most impressive point in the main campus is the two rows of ancient white rajput trees that cover the entrance. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the life and family of this famous king.

Da Lat College of Education

Da Lat College of Education is one of the 1,000 most unique architectural works in the 20th century in Vietnam, a favorite destination. With the artistic curved shape of the classrooms with the red brick color of the wall and the school as a symbol of Da Lat city. Many tourists have chosen this place as the first destination when coming to the foggy city.

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