Preparing for the winter in the city of Dalat

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Dalat is always beautiful season but winter is probably the most beautiful and full of emotions. Little dishes man winter breeze makes me seethe, sunny little cold to me more love life, brilliant color of flowers for me appreciate life and our winter nights to warm the heart.

Coming to Dalat on the winter days, discover the brilliant yellow flower fields, conquer the majestic Langbiang peak or enjoy the coffee of the mountain town, the irresistible delicacies of Dalat winter night, you ready?

Dalat weather when on the winter

DaLat in the winter, cold air filled the roads, on every corner. People who house the sealed neck wear warm clothes, scarf, gloves hand ... Winter is considered the most beautiful season of the mountain city of Dalat. When the last rains began to cease and the chill will begin to blow, the distance people wanted to "move" to the Misty City to enjoy the winter moment.

The scenery in Dalat in winter

When the moment of the season switch to the new year, the city of Dalat as sinking into the cold below 10 degrees. Christmas, New Year and cold, perhaps because of cold that winter Dalat need fingered hands entwined, transmitting warmth to each other.

What to wear when going to Dalat in the winter

Dalat is always a beautiful season, also dreamy but with the cool weather of winter, when it was the most beautiful Dalat. Coming to Dalat in the winter, you will see the fog clearly. Winter season lasts from October to December every year. The question of what to wear when coming to Dalat is always the top question. What to wear beautiful. Here are suggestions for you to mix Dalat travel clothes.

  • Long-sleeve overcoat / Cardigan
  • Oversize sweater + midi skirt legs
  • Overalls / Coveralls
  • Vintage dresses
  • Wide leg pants + oversize sweater
  • Denim Jacket
  • Wearing a beige brown tone

Photo: Hieu Quoc

Wild sunflowers and Mimosa

Wild sunflowers

Da Lat winter, everywhere filled with a color of wild yellow sunflowers as the sun. Wild sunflowers - a typical flower in Dalat grows wild on hills, slopes, and even green valleys. The end of October until the end of November is the best time for you to "hunt" Da Lat wild flowers in the extremely pleasant winter weather of the flower city!

Dalat wild flowers often bloom on winter days, around the end of October to the end of November, at this time, there are many roads and hills full of yellow wild sunflowers.

In Da Lat, Wild Sunflowers flowers bloom in the whole winter


On cold days, Da Lat is adorned with glittering, golden light, even at the corner of the sky by mimosa flowers. Mimosa is a flower that only belongs to "Dream of Da Lat" and nowhere else in Vietnam has this flower.

If you have the opportunity to visit the "misty city" every time the Mimosa flower season is in full bloom, you will not be surprised by the mimosa trees dotted with small and beautiful flowers. Mimosa flowers like the sexy "sun baby" fascinate visitors how they bloom these days!


Pink grass season

Dalat, at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season, you come across the endless hills of pink grass , spread across the hills of Dalat. The pink grass hills are simultaneously colorful, coating a romantic pink for the mountains and forests here. If the rainy season ends early, the pink grass season will start in November, but if the rain stops late, visitors may have to wait until December. The pink grass season is usually not long, but it can satisfy travelers.


The Pink Grass

The days of "cloud hunting" with fog filled the road

You can imagine what it felt like how to stand on a high hill, wind blowing and clouds under your feet? In the winter, when you return to the cloud for hunting, you can choose a place to find moments of peace and peace of mind watching the strips of silver clouds crossing the sky every morning.

Thien Phuc Duc Hill is an ideal hunting cloudes place. From the hill, zooming into the distance, we can observe the famous Lang Biang peak of Dalat. Should come here at the time of the early morning, then you will observe sea of clouds if encountered weather dense fog, remember to bed early and get up early to prepare to climb hills before the sun to keep shining in time for sunrise.

In addition, you can also go to Langbiang Peak, Radar Hill, Pinhatt Peak, Robin Hill ... to hunt clouds.


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