Agricultural tourism 'Mesmerized' tourists

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Along with the strong development of high-tech agriculture, there is a brand of famous tourist city of Da Lat, two sectors: tourism and agriculture have joined hands to create tourism specialties 'fascinating' visitors to the city of flowers.

Exciting experience

With the desire to bring consumers clean and safe strawberry products at wholesale prices, young boss Phan Tuan Linh (37 years old, ward 11, Da Lat city, Lam Dong) invests in a large greenhouse system 1,000m2 for mulberry cultivation. Strawberries are grown in soil pots or in iron troughs lined up with drip irrigation systems, with special care to minimize plant protection. Linh's New Zealand strawberry garden began to bear fruit.

Tourists discover Dalat flower gardens.

He put this garden into tourism activities, opening the door for free. Every day, the garden welcomes from 500 to 700 visitors, even on weekends or holidays this number increases significantly. All of them were able to visit, take photos with the strawberry garden, drink artichoke tea for free ... especially in the garden there are always ripe strawberries for guests to enjoy and the staff is ready to guide the mulberry growing process.

Coming to Da Lat, visitors can visit the giant pumpkin garden of Mr. Le Huu Phan (50 years old, living at 50 Ho Xuan Huong Street, TP. Da Lat) is said to be the most unique in Vietnam with pumpkin weighs 100kg. Mr. Le Huu Phan shared that he used to work for a Japanese company for many years on plant varieties and agricultural products. After retiring from work, he stayed at home to grow his own vegetables and fruits. In early 2011, through the introduction and help of friends in the United States, he bought about 100 giant pumpkin seeds for planting in Dalat. In addition to the unique pumpkin garden, Mr. Phan also grows a variety of vegetables and fruits in the direction of high-tech agriculture.

Currently, Mr. Phan's family opens a vegetable garden for visitors to visit and take photos with these unique agricultural products. Visitors can buy vegetables, fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices in the garden.

The beautiful flower garden

Besides the specific tourism products such as: Sightseeing, relaxation, ecology ... The development and exploitation of potentials and advantages of farming tourism is a new direction that Lam Dong is aiming for. According to statistics, the area of ​​high-tech agricultural cultivation in Lam Dong reached 51,799 hectares, accounting for 18.57% of the total cultivated area and is the leading province in the country to apply high technology to agricultural production. In Dalat, there are 3 flower villages which have been recognized traditional villages, including: Van Thanh, Ha Dong and Thai Phien. Farming tourism in Da Lat - Lam Dong is attractive because the models all apply modern technology, specific products. The care is done by automatic technology, controlled by computer. Products for high productivity, nice design and safety for human health.

Visitors can go to the strawberry garden to pick each ripe strawberry fruit.

Go to Van Thanh flower village, 1 of 5 traditional flower villages of the plateau city. From above has seen the level of the colors of roses, salem, carnation, coins, spreading along the mountainside, softly curving along the legendary Cam Ly stream. In the middle of the flower village is a tourist space of hydroponic vegetables. Gentle sunshine, gleaming on the greenhouse strip covering the valley. Inside each greenhouse, the owner builds a ladder just enough for visitors to visit the garden with the paths decorated with many flowers. This resort is currently attracting a huge number of tourists on the journey to discover the origin of flowers. Ms. Mai Lan, a tourist from Ha Tinh commented: "It is very interesting. Come here to experience two in one, just learn how to grow vegetables in the middle of the sky, just be posed with flowers in the music to follow. step".

Capital used to be familiar with garden fields, but now many farmers in Cau Dat tea hill and Tram Hanh commune have boldly tried their new job as tourism. Few people think that farm jobs like taking care of trees and harvesting agricultural products sometimes become "products" for tourists. Like many farmers in Tram Hanh commune, Hong Loan's family used to live mainly on farming, but now is open to a lot of tourists to experience the wind-blown steps. In a short time, Ms. Hong's rose garden and pink wind drying facility were known by many near and far people. Mr. Le Hoang, a tourist from Can Tho, said: "We have visited quite a number of famous tourist spots in Da Lat, but this time we have experienced Cau Dat tea hill, watching the stages of very good drying of the wind drying. Interestingly, you can choose to buy delicious and cheap products ".

Over the past time, many delegations have come to the garden houses and farms in Da Lat - Lam Dong to live together, work together and experience the lives of farmers in the industrial age 4.0. In the favored natural land, with a high-tech agriculture is growing, many farmers here have turned to agricultural tourism. In addition to "exporting" local products, farming tourism also helps agricultural products of farmers in Dalat - Lam Dong spread

Farming tourism earns tens of billions of dong each year

Mr. Pham S, Vice Chairman of Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee said that through farming tourism, state management agencies and tour operators understand the needs of visitors to perfect unique products to served visitors without spending much money. Farming tourism is one of the solutions to create new products, increasing the length of stay of visitors. Talking about the potential of this field, Mr. S presented evidence of hydroponic vegetable farming sites in Ward 5 and TP Da Lat: Forest Flower Biological Joint Stock Company; Cau Dat Tea Joint Stock Company annually receives over 1 million visitors, equivalent to some agricultural tourist destinations in the world.

Visitors are picking coffee with the garden owners.

Mr. Tran Huy Duong, Director of Langbiang Farm Co., Ltd. (Lam Dong), said that his business has generated income of tens of billions of VND/year thanks to the direction of difference in investment and business, which is planting vegetables, tubers, fruits and flowers in combination with a coffee model for tourists to visit and buy fruits and vegetables at the garden.

Farming tourism in Da Lat - Lam Dong is attractive because the models all apply modern technology, specific products. Products for high productivity, nice design and safety for human health. There are 19 registered agricultural products and more than 940 farms, five traditional flower villages.

For many years, the "flower city" has always moved up itself, still has more practical and unique tourism products, attracting tourists.


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