Discover a European standard wine in Dalat

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Previously, tourists who wanted to approach and experience the wine cellar could only come to France or some European countries, but now, just coming to Dalat cellar, visitors can feel a culture wine

Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company (Ladofoods) has launched the first European standard wine tourism project in Phat Chi village, Tram Hanh commune, DaLat City, Lam Dong province.

The wine cellar will become a new tourist destination in Da Lat

Located on the 5-hectare site of Ladofoods, the wine cellar at Dalat Wine Castle is the first and only European Wine Cellar in Vietnam. Inspired by the philosophy of growing grapes and ambition to mark the Vietnamese wine on the world wine map, Dalat Wine Cellar is designed in European classical style, elegance and sophistication.

Based on the mountainous terrain landscape of Phat Chi, under the talented hands of European architects, Da Lat Tunnel appeared like an elliptical leaf - representing the philosophy of growing grapes and making wine. by Ladofoods, expressing the message focused on making excellent, healthy, environmentally friendly wines of Ladofoods, while also containing the subtlety and romance of Dalat highland

Overview of Dalat Wine Castle from above

Built in 2018,  Dalat Wine Castle was designed and constructed by a team of experienced experts and architects from Europe. Here, visitors will experience the full wine culture space as in countries with a long tradition of wine production.

The wine cellar has 4 floors, of which the cellar has a wine cellar deep underground - storing hundreds of oak barrels and tens of thousands of premium bottles of wine. The first floor is a gallery for visitors to admire the Vietnamese wine masterpieces marked on the world wine map.

The second floor is the room for enjoying wine - where visitors can experience the delicate emotions from the best wine bottles. The rooftop is the place to enjoy the panoramic factory space from above and admire the romantic garden.

The wine cellar was designed and constructed by European architects

Wine Castle and Dalat Wine Cellar will surely bring visitors new and different experiences unmatched in the city of pine forests.

According to Mr. Ing. Martin Bukolsky, the main design of the wine cellar, is one of the most important criteria for a wine cellar in Europe to achieve constant temperature and humidity throughout the year without air conditioning.

"We calculated very carefully as well as survey design, from the location, topography, depth and hatch as well as the court building .... To achieve the European standard tunnel goal. With this project, we want to bring visitors to the wine cellar to experience a true European wine cellar right in Vietnam, ”he said.

Chairman Ladofoods Nguyen Thanh Trung opened the wine from oak barrels in the cellar and invited Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai

With a diverse product portfolio such as Dalat Wine, Chateau Dalat, Nouvo Sangria, Vivazz, Ladofoods is currently supplying over 4 million bottles of wine a year.

Mr. Milan Novosad, member of the Board of Directors of Ladofoods and Vice President of Elmich Group of Europe, said that the company's products are not only sold in Vietnam but also exported to many countries, especially Korea and Japan is fastidious markets.

Source: HaLinh

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