Dalat - The season of wildsunflower is coming, yellow spreads on the hills and roads

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"What season should come to Dalat to see wildflowers?" That is the question that lately is people are searching answers most. The season of wildsunflowers begin full bloom the whole is in October, but now the first petals have bloomed. Hurry up and join your buddy up to DaLat to hunt to be the most anticipated flower of the year.

Wildsunflower is a common flower in the Central Highlands provinces. However, the season of wildsunflower  in Dalat is the most "sought" by people, because only DaLat can enjoy all the golden color of flowers in the most satisfactory way. Wildsunflower size is not as big as sunflowers but grows in dust, when blooming, it creates a yellow carpet that stretches all the way to the nooks and crannies of every small alley. The color of gold is enough to warm an entire cold plateau and melt the hearts of Dalat lovers.

(Photo: hoadaquydalat)

Revealing to you the roads "hunt" wildsunflower: You can go about 30km from the Dalat city to Trai Mat - Cau Dat: This is the shortest but the most charming route, because you can combine watching the wildsunflower along the immense green tea hills of Dalat.

(Photo: hoadaquydalat)

Route Dalat city - Village Flowers VanThanh - Ta Nung - Elephant waterfall - Lang Biang. The CamLy airport area also has wildsunflower growing on both sides of the road, which attract tourists in these days.

(Photo: Vanhoavietnam; Halo Đà Lạt)

Route Da Lat - CauDat - Dran - DonDuong - Chau Son - PhiNom - TuTra: This is a long and ideal route that you can admire all the beauty of wildsunflower from above stretching down houses in the valley and overflowing into the street, combined with the light of the sky and white clouds. The scene is harmonious, you will be fascinated to not take your eyes away.

(Photo: Yenttran; Hoadaquy)

There are also route: TuTra - Bong Lai, DaLat Milk, ranch O'star, Regional head LienKhuong expressway entrance - Prenn Pass, ... You have to save it to have a journey to "hunt" wildsunflower like the best!

(Photo: Yenttran; Trang.88)

Small note for you ideal time to have photos of magic with the wild sunflower, in the morning from 9 am-10 am or afternoon from 3pm-5pm. This time frame is light sunshine, bright yellow flowers.



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