Dalat city in November

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Dalat in November with wild beauty that is poetic and dynamic but also very romantic. The city of thousands of flowers, once beautiful, is even more attractive when the weather enters the east. Da Lat, the colder it is, the more people love it . And here you will see what a Dalat in November will look like.


Dalat  in November with wild beauty that is poetic and dynamic but also very romantic. The city of thousands of flowers, once beautiful, is even more attractive when the weather enters the east. Da Lat, the colder it is, the more people love it And here you will see what a Dalat in November will look like.

1. Four seasons in one day

No matter what month you go to Dalat, you will feel the cold weather in any season. The foggy plateau city is cool almost every month of the year. In November, Da Lat became more and more cold because it entered the winter.

So cold, instead of wandering on the street, you can choose a cafe to sip admiring the figures hidden in the morning mist. At around 9am and 10pm, the air will start to get warmer. The ray of sunshine through the clouds wool and fog as bring spring back to Dalat. 

By about noon, the weather will get hot. It is said that the tourists can still feel the cold air in the air. It was full of sunshine but still cold. So it's 3 seasons in a day. Left around the evening, November Dalat as entering the autumn with the streak of sunlight at the bottom of the nursery. Sadness is here.

Going to Dalat in November is the low month, so fewer tourists are also the time you can fully enjoy Dalat in the most peaceful way!

2. Sudden rains of mountain city

The endless, ever-present melodies in the song of the same name always remind me of this incredible city. And if you go to Dalat and admire the city in the rain, you will be able to absorb the sadness.

In November, Da Lat often had sudden rains. The rain is not heavy, suddenly comes. If you stand on high and airy locations, you can easily see rain from one area to another. Da Lat in the rain became quieter and more moved. Perhaps because of such moments, it is easy to think and sad when watching every drop of rain.

3. Brightly colored wildflowers

Instead of walking among the bustling people in the center of the city look to the peaceful suburb of Dalat. People who don't like it will get bored, but those who like it will feel peaceful and beautiful. Da Strange suburbs is the zigzag path around the mountain, the pine forest and patches of blue sky sucking pig endless. And suburban Da Lat in November is the time of the throne of the wild flowers.

        Wild sunflowers

First of all, it is the yellow flower Da Nhem Da Lat Beyond countless beautiful and well-cared for beautiful flowers, wild spontaneous anemone with strong beauty became the symbolic flower of Da Lat.

Along under the streets go Lang Biang, Trai Mat or Pass Ta Nung, you will see wild sunflowers bloom. Flowers bloom in big clusters so it brings a warm sunny weather to the suburban, sad and cold. Flowering season lasts from late October to early January of the following year. Every year around this time, many tourists come to Dalat to admire the yellow flowers on this beautiful green grass.

      White - flower

The fields of white cauliflower are grown in Tu Tra - Duong Duong area, about 25km from the center of Da Lat city. You can visit the cabbage field with the reference place: From Dalat Milk go straight to the first junction to turn right and continue to the direction of Tu Tra market about 5 km, then inquire about the area of ​​flower fields to visit. Mustard flowers only bloom for a period of 20 days, so schedule early. It is free to visit. If ới here please nh ớ not break branches, trampled, picking flowers to take pictures selfie or littering offline. 

4. Dalat green, fresh new tea hills

Not only November but any time when you go to November you should still visit the tea hills. The most famous and often appears in Dalat tours is Cau Dat Tea Hill Although the road is quite far, many tourists still come to admire the green tea scene, full of life.

If you come here in the early morning, you can watch the faint tea hill in the early morning mist. The mist seems to make the tea hill wider and more spacious. The untold green is the unknown place. 

Photographing on Cau Dat tea hill is beautiful to say. Therefore, Da Lat tea hill has become the favorite check-in point of tourists as well as the wedding photography spot of many couples.

5. Flooded with the colors of pink grass

The specialty of Dalat tourism in November is the Rose season Even the city even organizes a pink grass festival to serve tourism. Usually the festival will take place in the last days of November and early December. And each year, the festival is even more scalable. Pink grass like its name has a characteristic pink color. People also call rose grass as snow grass because when the dew builds up on the grass, it creates a white layer of grass like snow cover. Small numbers do not say, but in Dan Kia Lake - Suoi Vang, the number of grass is very crowded, creating a beautiful hill of pink grass.

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