Horse riding on the plateau, discover flowers in Da Lat flower garden

18/01/2019 703 0
Visitors who have set foot in Da Lat can hardly forget to visit Dalat flower garden located next to the poetic Ho Xuan Huong in the city of thousands of flowers.

Da Lat dreamy, romantic, sweet as a love city is a favorite place for couples to hang out, love in Ho Xuan Huong, lamenting lake, valley of love...

The city on this plateau is also a place for "gentlemen" to climb on horseback to enjoy the feeling of experiencing the windy blue sky.

Da Lat is also likened to the city of thousands of flowers. The plateau city has an ideal climate and soil for growing flowers. Flowers are everywhere.

Dalat's flower garden is the place where most of the most beautiful flowers of Da Lat and the world are gathered.

Da Lat flower garden always attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists to see flowers.

Yellow flowers carpet green grass

Tourists are particularly interested in orchid gardens with unique flowers arranged in the period of flowers.

There are many native and imported orchids here.

Flowers is professionally designed by gardening artists to create an extremely beautiful and meaningful garden.

It is difficult for tourists not to take photos with each other with souvenir photos on the flowers.


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