Places will interest you when travel Dalat at Tet holiday

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Instead of welcoming Tet with families, many people now choose to travel the longest holiday of the year. With a cool climate and hundreds of brilliant flowers all year round, Dalat is becoming more and more attractive in the eyes of tourists, Here Infonet would like to introduce some attractions in this beautiful city.

Love valley - a place that frequently appears in poetry is a destination not to be missed when coming to Dalat. With hundreds of flowers that are carefully cared for and well-cut, visitors only need to "bring the camera up to have a beautiful image"..

Perhaps the only minus point of this resort is that you have to buy a high entrance ticket, which includes services that you may never use such as a duck bike, or a train.

Tuyen Lam Lake is an extremely quiet, peaceful place and is very suitable for vacation after a hard working year. Here you can climb a boat on the quiet lake or cycle along the gentle slopes of the mountains.

Located far from the city with beautiful scenery, however, you often have to choose luxury resorts at a high price. In return, you will be released into nature with very fresh dishes from vegetables, sturgeon.

Recent Cau Dat tea hill has emerged as an ideal check-in point for young people. Hundreds of hectares of tea on wavy hills make visitors suddenly feel small before nature.

If you have a flycam, the pictures here will be worth it because of the strange angles. In return, the road to this area is quite far from the city center.

Truc Lam Monastery is one of the largest temples in Dalat. Located on the bank of Tuyen Lam Lake with curved tile roofs hidden in the mist - the monastery area makes visitors forget all worries of daily life.

Naturally, visitors come here at no charge, but choose polite attire, travel quietly to suit the practice of monks and nuns.

Located right in the city center - Lam Vien Square is famous for two works that simulate the wild flower and flower buds. In addition to the modern space, this is also a place that regularly organizes major art events of Da Lat.

After visiting the square, visitors can walk to the nearby famous tourist spots such as the night market, the city flower garden or the cafes with extremely romantic views along the banks of Xuan Huong Lake.

Clay tunnel is a place where sculptors are able to compose with shapes of famous architecture in Da Lat. In addition, the project also has many other highlights that bring a new and exciting feeling to first-time visitors.

If you go at the end of the year, it is easy for you to meet the wild flowers blooming wild in every road. No nobility or aroma, the wild flowers attract tourists with rustic look, simple but no less delicate.

In addition, the city also has dozens of destinations including flower gardens, strawberries or vegetables .... all are carefully cared to be ready to serve tourists.

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