Announcing 2 points of fireworks in Da Lat, Tet Canh Ty, 2020

20/01/2020 371 0
Plan to organize New Year's Eve fireworks display on Tet holiday in 2020

Celebrating the Lunar New Year Festival in 2020, to serve the local people, domestic and foreign tourists to welcome the Lunar New Year, the city will hold fireworks on New Year's Eve on January 24, 2020 solar calendar at 02 locations. :

1. Primary park in front of Yersin Park

2. Ho Xuan Huong marina

New Year 2020 promises to bring to people, domestic and foreign visitors many new things, combined with the 2020 Tet Festival in Zone A - Tran Quoc Toan Park

Wishing everyone happy New Year!

In order to prevent, avoid and minimize the health, social and economic consequences caused by alcohol use, everyone should join hands to have a full Spring with relatives and family by limit drinking alcohol when determining who is the driver, be aware of the Law on prevention and control of harmful effects of alcohol and beer which was passed on and effective from January 1, 2020.

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