Organize a conference to plan the organization and implementation of activities to celebrate the 125 th anniversary of Dalat's formation and development

26/12/2018 30/12/2018

Quảng trường lâm viên, Tp Đà Lạt

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Accordingly, the week of celebration is celebrated in five days, expected from 26/12/2018 - 30/12/2018, with many special and meaningful programs, such as Culture Week greetings commemorating the 125th anniversary of Da lat's formation and development, combining with commendation of 125 advanced city-level exemplars through emulation movements; organizing street festivals; Organizing sightseeing spots in VanThanh, HaDong, DaThien, ThaiPhien and XuanThanh flower villages; holding night performances of Da Lat songs; Organizing the exhibition on socioeconomic achievements for 5 years (2013 - 2018); Finalize green - clean - beautiful...

This is a chance to rekindle people's pride in a heroic city, the Vietnamese flower festival city, reviewing the struggle tradition, building and developing the city of people generations of ethnic groups, To evaluate the socioeconomic development achievements and create motivation for the people to continue promoting their traditions, mobilizing all resources and intellect to build and develop Da Lat with richer, more civilized and friendly.

Source: Baophapluat


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