Hung Kings Temple Festival 2019 "Vietnam Identity"

13/04/2019 14/04/2019

Đường cao tốc Liên Khương - Prenn, Phường 3, Thành phố Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng

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Hung King's Anniversary Festival 2019 is organized by Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism at Au Lac Temple - Tourist Area Prenn Waterfall will take place in 2 days April 13th - 14th

With the theme "Vietnam Identity", Hung King's Anniversary Festival 2019 organized by the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism Lam Dong at Au Lac Temple - Tourist Area Prenn waterfall will take place on April 13th - 14th. This is a belief event that has an important meaning to spiritual life, through which to educate the tradition of "drinking water, remember its source", expressing gratitude to the Hung Kings who have built the country and the primitive steps strengthen against foreign invaders. This is also an opportunity to introduce the traditional cultural quintessence of the nation through sacrificial rites, processions, community activities, arts and folk games and cuisine, from which generations continue to follow. Important to preserve identity.

The festival takes place with many activities such as: Contest to decorate the offerings of Hung King offerings (April 13 in Thuong temple), Listing ceremony (14:30 pm on April 13), Procession of offering offerings to Quoc To (7:30 on April 14 from Trung temple to Thuong temple), Performing folk art folk songs, folk game competition, traditional food market (April 14th)

With the scale and meaning of the festival, Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with Prenn Waterfall Resort is preparing for the Anniversary Ceremony to be thoughtfully, solemnly and reverently; At the same time, create conditions for departments, branches, districts, cities, schools and people of ethnic groups in the province and tourists to come here to offer incense to Quoc To. Together spend a day to pay tribute to the ancestors, towards the origin of the nation is the morality of thousands of Vietnamese people.



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