Dalat Flower Festival 8th - 2019

20/12/2019 24/12/2019

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The 8th Flower Festival of Da Lat in 2019, is expected to take place in 5 days from December 20-24, 2019, in DaLat City and BaoLoc City

In order to promote the image of Da Lat tourism, the brand "Da Lat - miraculous crystallization from the good soil"; continue to affirm and honor the values ​​of flowers and flower industry of Da Lat - Lam Dong; promoting tea and silk production industry in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province. In order to continue to inspire pride and timely encouragement, encourage and raise the sense of responsibility of the people in participating, responding and building Da Lat city - the city of Flower Festival, Bao Loc city "Green - Clean - Nice" and sustainable development. The eighth Dalat Flower Festival Program - 2019 will be held with the following time:

TOPIC "DALAT AND FLOWERS": 5 days, from 20/12/2019 to 24/12/2019

1. The opening ceremony of ther 8th DaLat Flower Festival 2019:

-  Time: 20:00pm, December 20th 2019.

-  Location: Lam Vien Square, DaLat city.

2. Flowers space:

- Time: From December 20th 2019 to January 2nd 2020.

- The sence to introduce typical and dominate fresh flowers of DaLatj according to daily theme of the festival:

- Location: Around Xuan Huongw lake, DaLat city.

+ December 20th 2019: Theme "Charming, lovely Rose" is arranged regularly in the area opposite Quan The Am Pagoda from December 20th 2019 to January 2nd 2020.

+ December 21st 2019: Theme "Elegant, beautiful Lyly".

+ December 22nd 2019: Theme "Gentle Licianthus, Hospitable Chrysanthemum".

+ December 23rd 2019: Theme "Brilliant, delicate orchids".

+ December 24th 2019: Themr "Colorful DaLat Flower".

- Implementing and organizing agency: DaLat Flowers Association.

3. Workshop on production cooperation and policies to attract investment for agriculture in DaLat - LamDong and commercial vegetables and flowers exhibition:

- Time: Proposed to be on December 10th 2019.

- Location: Proposed to be celebrated in Dragon King hotel, DaLat city.

4. International flowers and bonsai exhibition 2019:

Time: From December 20th 2019 to January 1st 2020.

- Location: DaLat flowers garden.

5. Fair of national trade in DaLat Flower Festival 2019:

- Time: From December 20th 2019 to January 1st 2020.

- Location: DaLat Urban Cultural Park (GoflValley project).

6. Exchange program of Vietnam-Korea Culture and Art, the theme "Four Seasons of Flowers":

- Time: 19:00 December 21st 2019.

- Location: Lam Vien Square, DaLat city.

7. DaLat architectural heritage honoring program:

a) Scientific conference "Journey of architectural heritage":

- Time: 01 session, December 23rd 2019.

- Location: DaLat College of Education.

b) Program "Hillside city 2019", the theme "Entering the art domain":

- Time: Within 2019 (from December 2019 to January 2020).

- Location: Doc Nha Lang area (Ward 1, DaLat city).

8. Opening ceremony of Lam Dong Tea and Silk Culture Week, With the them "B'Lao shimmering night":

- Time: 20:00, December 2019.

- Location: Center for Culture, Information and Sports of BaoLoc city.

9. Performing BaoLoc Silk Fashion "Flying High - Rising Far":

- Time: December 22nd 2019 in the evening.

- Location: Dong Nai Lake, BaoLoc city (or other suitable location).

10. Workshop on tea and mulberry industry associated with the socio-economic development orientetion of BaoLoc city:

- Time: Expected on December 15th 2019.

- Location: Seri Hotel, BaoLoc city.

11. Art performance program in combination with the closing ceremony of the 8th DaLat Flower Festival 2019:

- Time: 19:00, December 24th 2019.

- Location: Lam Vien Squảe, DaLat city.

- Content:

+ The Eighth Dalat Flower Festival Closing Ceremony - Year 2019.

+ Art performance program with the participation of some famous artists in the country.

Dalat Flower Festival is a flower festival held every 2 years, starting in December - the most beautiful weather of the year in Dalat. Dalat Flower Festival 2019 will have many innovations, creativity and impressive points promising to bring many experiences for tourists to the city of thousands of flowers.

Wellcome to DaLat City!




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